EuroBasket 2022: Schedule, format, teams and NBA players to watch (2023)


Here is everything you need to know for the start of EuroBasket 2022.

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EuroBasket 2022: Schedule, format, teams and NBA players to watch (1)

Nikola Jokic representing Serbia and Luka Doncic representing his native Slovenia.

Back-to-back reigning MVP Nikola Jokic, two-time MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo, three-time Defensive Player of the Year Rudy Gobert and three-time All-NBA First Team guard Luka Doncic headline the NBA players participating in EuroBasket 2022 — the tournament to determine the basketball champion of Europe.

The 24-nation tournament tips off on Thursday and runs through Sept. 18 with games being playing in four host countries — Czech Republic, Georgia, Italy and Germany. Originally slated to take place in 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic forced postponement of the 2020 Olympic Games until 2021, which forced EuroBasket to push back to 2022.

Slovenia is the defending champion, winning their first EuroBasket in 2017 behind the play of Tournament MVP Goran Dragic and then 18-year-old wunderkind Doncic — a year before he joined the Dallas Mavericks as the third pick in the 2018 NBA Draft and went on to become one of the league’s brightest young stars.

Tournament Format

The tournament begins with the group stage, which features four groups of six teams, and runs from Sept. 1-8. Each group will play a round-robin style tournament with each team playing the other five teams in the group. The top four teams in each group will then move on to the knockout stage of the tournament.

During the knockout stage, which will be held from Sept. 10-18 with all games played at the EuroBasket Arena in Berlin, the 16 teams will be slotted in a bracket based on their qualifying position from the group stage. They will then play single-elimination games, culminating in the championship game on Sept. 18.

Groups and NBA Players

Not only will this tournament feature the winners of the past four NBA MVP awards (Antetokounmpo in 2018-19 and 2019-20; Jokic in 2020-21 and 2021-22) and four of the past five Defensive Player of the Year awards (Gobert in 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2020-21; Antetokounmpo in 2019-20), it will also feature more than 30 NBA players representing their home countries. France, the 2020 Olympic silver medalist, has the most NBA representation with five players on its roster.

EuroBasket 2022: Schedule, format, teams and NBA players to watch (2)

Rudy Gobert playing for France in 2023 World Cup Qualifiers.

Group A

  • Belgium: no NBA players
  • Bulgaria: no NBA players
  • Georgia^: Goga Bitadze (Indiana)
  • Montenegro*: no NBA players
  • Spain: Juancho Hernangomez (Toronto); Willy Hernangomez (New Orleans)
  • Turkey: Cedi Osman (Cleveland); Alperen Sengun (Houston); Furkan Korkmaz (Philadelphia)

Group B

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Jusuf Nurkic (Portland)
  • France: Evan Fournier (New York); Rudy Gobert (Minnesota); Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot (free agent); Theo Maledon (Oklahoma City); Frank Ntilikina (Dallas)
  • Germany^: Dennis Schroder (free agent); Daniel Theis (Indiana); Franz Wagner (Orlando)
  • Hungary: no NBA players
  • Lithuania: Domantas Sabonis (Sacramento); Jonas Valanciunas (New Orleans)
  • Slovenia: Luka Doncic (Dallas); Goran Dragic (Chicago); Vlatko Cancar (Denver)

Group C

  • Croatia: Bojan Bogdanovic (Utah); Dario Saric (Phoenix); Ivica Zubac (LA Clippers); Mario Hezonja (free agent)
  • Estonia: no NBA players
  • Great Britain: no NBA players
  • Greece: Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee); Thanasis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee); Tyler Dorsey (Dallas)
  • Italy^: no NBA players
  • Ukraine: Sviatoslav Mikhailiuk (free agent)

    EuroBasket 2022: Schedule, format, teams and NBA players to watch (3)

    Giannis Antetoukounmpo representing Greece.

Group D

  • Czech Republic^: Tomas Satoransky (free agent)
  • Finland: Lauri Markkanen (Cleveland)
  • Israel: Deni Avdija (Washington)
  • Netherlands: no NBA players
  • Poland: no NBA players
  • Serbia: Nikola Jokic (Denver); Nikola Jovic (Miami); Aleksej Pokusevski (Oklahoma City)


  • ^ Host country for the group stage
  • * Montenegro replaces Russia, which was disqualified from the tournament by FIBA following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Tournament Schedule

The action tips off on Sept. 1 with the group stage, followed by the knockout stage on Sept. 10. Check out for complete scores and stats.

Sept. 1Spain 114, Bulgaria 877:20 a.m.ATbilisi, Georgia
Sept. 1Bosnia-Herzegovina 95, Hungary 858:20 a.m.BCologne, Germany
Sept. 1Turkey 72, Montenegro 6810:05 a.m.ATbilisi, Georgia
Sept. 1Slovenia 92, Lithuania 8511:05 a.m.BCologne, Germany
Sept. 1Belgium 79, Georgia 7612:50 p.m.ATbilisi, Georgia
Sept. 1Germany 76, France 632:20 p.m.BCologne, Germany
Sept. 2Israel 89, Finland 877:50 a.m.DPrague, Czech Republic
Sept. 2Ukraine 90, Great Britain 618:05 a.m.CMilan, Italy
Sept. 2Greece 89, Croatia 8510:50 a.m.CMilan, Italy
Sept. 2Poland 99, Czech Republic 8411:20 a.m.DPrague, Czech Republic
Sept. 2Italy 83, Estonia 622:50 p.m.CMilan, Italy
Sept. 2Serbia 100, Netherlands 762:50 p.m.DPrague, Czech Republic
Sept. 3Montenegro 76, Belgium 707:20 a.m.ATbilisi, Georgia
Sept. 3Finland 89, Poland 597:50 a.m.DPrague, Czech Republic
Sept. 3Croatia 86, Great Britain 658:05 a.m.CMilan, Italy
Sept. 3Germany 92, Bosnia-Herzegovina 828:20 a.m.BCologne, Germany
Sept. 3Turkey 101, Bulgaria 8710:05 a.m.ATbilisi, Georgia
Sept. 3Ukraine 74, Estonia 7310:50 a.m.CMilan, Italy
Sept. 3Serbia 81, Czech Republic 6811:20 a.m.DPrague, Czech Republic
Sept. 3France 77, Lithuania 7311:35 a.m.BCologne, Germany
Sept. 3Spain 90, Georgia 6412:50 p.m.ATbilisi, Georgia
Sept. 3Slovenia 103, Hungary 882:20 p.m.BCologne, Germany
Sept. 3Greece 85, Italy 812:50 p.m.CMilan, Italy
Sept. 3Israel 74, Netherlands 672:50 p.m.DPrague, Czech Republic
Sep. 4Montenegro 91, Bulgaria 817:20 a.m.ATbilisi, Georgia
Sept. 4Germany 109, Lithuania 1078:20 a.m.BCologne, Germany
Sept. 4Belgium 83, Spain 7310:05 a.m.ATbilisi, Georgia
Sept. 4Bosnia-Herzegovina 97, Slovenia 9311:35 a.m.BCologne, Germany
Sept. 4Georgia 88, Turkey 8312:50 p.m.ATbilisi, Georgia
Sept. 4France 78, Hungary 742:20 p.m.BCologne, Germany
Sept. 5Poland 85, Israel 767:50 a.m.DPrague, Czech Republic
Sept. 5Croatia 73, Estonia 708:05 a.m.CMilan, Italy
Sept. 5Greece 93, Great Britain 7710:50 a.m.CMilan, Italy
Sept. 5Czech Republic 88, Netherlands 8011:20 a.m.DPrague, Czech Republic
Sept. 5Ukraine 84, Italy 732:50 p.m.CMilan, Italy
Sept. 5Serbia 100, Finland 702:50 p.m.DPrague, Czech Republic
Sept. 6Turkey 78, Belgium 637:20 a.m.ATbilisi, Georgia
Sept. 6Poland 75, Netherlands 697:50 a.m.DPrague, Czech Republic
Sept. 6Estonia 94, Great Britain 628:05 a.m.CMilan, Italy
Sept. 6France 81, Bosnia-Herzegovina 688:20 a.m.BCologne, Germany
Sept. 6Spain 82, Montenegro 6510:05 a.m.ATbilisi, Georgia
Sept. 6Greece 99, Ukraine 7910:50 a.m.CMilan, Italy
Sept. 6Lithuania 87, Hungary 6411:05 a.m.BCologne, Germany
Sept. 6Finland 98, Czech Republic 8811:20 a.m.DPrague, Czech Republic
Sept. 6Bulgaria 92, Georgia 8012:50 p.m.ATbilisi, Georgia
Sept. 6Slovenia 88, Germany 802:20 p.m.BCologne, Germany
Sept. 6Italy 81, Croatia 762:50 p.m.CMilan, Italy
Sept. 6Serbia 89, Israel 782:50 p.m.DPrague, Czech Republic
Sept. 7Spain 72, Turkey 697:20 a.m.ATbilisi, Georgia
Sept. 7Lithuania 87, Bosnia-Herzegovina 708:20 a.m.BCologne, Germany
Sept. 7Belgium 89, Bulgaria 8010:05 a.m.ATbilisi, Georgia
Sept. 7Slovenia 88, France 8211:05 a.m.BCologne, Germany
Sept. 7Montenegro 81, Georgia 7312:50 p.m.ATbilisi, Georgia
Sept. 7Germany 106, Hungary 712:20 p.m.BCologne, Germany
Sept. 8Finland 88, Netherlands 677:50 a.m.DPrague, Czech Republic
Sept. 8Croatia 90, Ukraine 858:05 a.m.CMilan, Italy
Sept. 8Greece 90, Estonia 6910:50 a.m.CMilan, Italy
Sept. 8Czech Republic 88, Israel 7711:20 a.m.DPrague, Czech Republic
Sept. 8Italy 90, Great Britain 562:50 p.m.CMilan, Italy
Sept. 8Serbia 96, Poland 692:50 p.m.DPrague, Czech Republic
Sept. 10France 87, Turkey 867:50 a.m.Berlin, Germany
Sept. 10Slovenia 88, Belgium 7210:35 a.m.Berlin, Germany
Sept. 10Germany 85, Montenegro 791:50 p.m.Berlin, Germany
Sept. 10Spain 102, Lithuania 944:35 p.m.Berlin, Germany
Sept. 11Poland 94, Ukraine 866:00 a.m.Berlin, Germany
Sept. 11Finland 94, Croatia 868:45 a.m.Berlin, Germany
Sept. 11Italy 94, Serbia 8612:00 p.m.Berlin, Germany
Sept. 11Greece 94, Czech Republic 882:45 p.m.Berlin, Germany
Sept. 13Spain 100, Finland 9011:15 a.m.Berlin, Germany
Sept. 13Germany 107, Greece 962:30 p.m.Berlin, Germany
Sept. 14Quarterfinals: Game 31:05 p.m.Berlin, Germany
Sept. 14Quarterfinals: Game 44:20 p.m.Berlin, Germany
Sept. 16Semifinals: Game 11:05 p.m.Berlin, Germany
Sept. 16Semifinals: Game 24:20 p.m.Berlin, Germany
Sept. 18Third Place Game1:05 p.m.Berlin, Germany
Sept. 18Championship Game4:20 p.m.Berlin, Germany
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